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All men have the right to be respected, maintain their dignity and live in peace. We are dedicated to be voices for those who are voiceless, whose dignity and rights are neglected and violated. NKHR is confident that the candle you light will shine love and hope.

Your donations are very helpful to all our works both in the office and also our external campaigns. Your care and contributions will be crucial for young North Korean new settlers in Korea, or for North Korean refugees in desperate situations in third countries.
There are numerous ways to become our supporter!
Monthly donations: You can become our member and donate monthly membership fees
One-time donation: Even Small Donations are Big contributions
Corporate Assistance:
Donate Goods: Provide various goods for North Korean refugees from books to clothes
Share your Talents: Your Talents can be more valuable if you share it with others. There are many ways you can share your abilities with us.
Your Valuable Donations and Assistance will be used for these activities:
- International conferences, academic symposium, and other campaigning advocacy activities for improvements in the situation of human rights in North Korea
- Urgent Action and Relief Activities for North Korean refugees in third countries
- Youth Education programs for young North Korean new settlers in South Korea
- Leadership Education for North Korean College Students
- Various NKHR publications: domestic monthly newsletter NKHR, quarterly journal Life & Human Rights, NKHRs research and investigation reports - Maintenance of Korean/English Websites
NKHR is a non-profit organization licensed by the Ministry of Finance and Economy. Your donations and assistance are tax deductible according to Corporate Tax Law Article 24