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Welcome to the Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights.
In the 1970s and the 1980s we were unable to turn our eyes towards North Korea. I questioned how meaningful reunification would be without ensuring a respect for basic civil and political rights. I asked myself again, how can I answer the cries of the victims in the political prison camps and their families when they ask "what did you do when you knew we were dying?"
When I first started this work more than a decade ago and began shouting out "human rights in North Korea, human rights in North Korea" it was an echoless cry into the horizon. Without any surrounding mountains or hills, but alone in a wide open field, there was not one response.

However, with patience and faith, working together with passionate young people, faint echoes came back and many across the world have become voices for the voiceless in North Korea.

The Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights is, a non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious human rights organization founded by human rights activists, intellectuals and North Korean defectors in May 1996.

With a firm belief in the spirit of humanity and compassion, the Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights endeavors to improve the situation of human rights in North Korea and to provide assistance and help for North Korean refugees. Our advocacy campaign expands in cooperation with other international human rights organizations and engages an enthusiastic young generation in various programs to help new North Korean settlers adjust to life in South Korea.

Please support our movement and endeavors in shining the light of human rights in North Korea together with the world, and transform your love into action.