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(Closed) Act now: Rescue 4 lives in December
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December 30, 2013

A few days ago, I expressed my words of gratitude for being given the chance to save 50 refugees from North Korea in 2013. Today, I am happy to have received a subsequent request from activists in China yesterday, asking NKHR to rescue 4 more North Korean refugees. I am happy that NKHR is being given a mission to save lives. I would greatly appreciate it if you could participate in this mission of saving lives together.

A woman in her sixties, a man in his forties, and a mother in her forties and her teenage daughter have escaped from North Korea this time. They felt they would starve to death if they did not do anything about their situation, so they decided to risk crossing the border rather than wait for death. Anticipating the horror of being repatriated in case they were caught, the group carried rat poison as they crossed the border to be able to commit suicide if necessary.

The media reported that the harvest in North Korea was good this year, but the fact that people crossed the border in spite of the strict border security lockdown attests to how tough their lives must have been back in North Korea.

The four of them have been hiding near the border area. Nearly $11,000 is needed to save their lives. The 4 North Korean refugees ran from hunger and fear, please help save their lives during the last days of 2013 so that they can live to build their dreams. 

Relief Funds Account: Woori Bank 142-097009-01-201 Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights. SWIFT CODE: HVBKKRSEXXX

Young-ja Kim
Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights

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