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Concert: An Afternoon of Music and Storytelling
hit : 891    (2013-07-13 ~ 2013-07-13)

Every Piece Has a Story:
A North Korean Pianist's Quest for Freedom

Despite his family's elite status, pianist Kim Cheol-Woong was punished after being reported for playing Richard Clayderman'a "A Comme Amour" (L for Love) for his girlfriend. As a result, he chose to escape North Korea.

From a family loyal to Kim Jong Il, Mr. Kim began training at the Pyongyang music conservatory at the age of eight. As a top concert pianist, he enjoyed the relative privileges his position brought him. He lost everything when he fled to China, and wound up working as a servant for a poor Chinese family. He hid his hands in his armpits to protect them when he was being beaten and tortured by the Chinese police, and spent months in the snow-covered mountains, avoiding the authorities. He eventually discovered a church that had a piano. The church members protected him and helped him get to safety in South Korea.

Mr. Kim will be featured in NKHR's fundraising concert on July 13 at Haechi Hall in Myeongdong. 

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