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[Announcement] Hip-Hop and North Korean Human Rights
hit : 941    (2014-07-14)

Dear our supporters,

This letter is to ask for your cheerful support for our new challenge.

Citizens Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR) and German NGO Saram co-organized and launched our new project on social crowd funding in Koreas Tumblbug, United States Indiegogo and Germanys betterplace on July 4th to August 15th. This project is to raise fund to create new hip hop music and to film documentary of Chunhyok Kang, a North Korean escapee, with an actor and hip hop musician Donggeun Yang (YDG) and fabulous composer Woody Pak.

This project was organized to inform the public about current situation of North Korean escapees and hardships they face during their re-adjustment in South Korea. At the same time, this project was planned to start on Americas Independence Day, July 4th to Koreas Independence Day, August 15th to fight for freedom from tyranny and repression.

Chunhyok Kang, a senior at Hongik University, has raised awareness on North Korean human rights through his art works. However, this time, he challenged himself with a new approach to promoting North Korean human rights. He courageously participated in a hip hop audition program called Show me the money 3. In the program, Chunhyok strongly criticized the current situation in North Korea. Although it was a short rap, his expression through hip hop made the public be more familiar with the issue and caught their eyes.

Please support Chunhyoks courage to stand in front of the public to raise awareness on North Korean human rights issues by visiting Tumblbug, Indiegogo, and Betterplace. The song, music video ending credits, mugs and more will be provided to you as a thank you gift. If we do not reach our target amount, the entire donation will be used to rescue North Korean refugees residing in China.

Please support us to spread the song worldwide.

Thank you,

Korea's Tumblbug:

America's Indiegogo:

Germany's betterplace: