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Winners of the Drawing Contest
hit : 1150    (2012-11-25)

Out of 235 drawings sent for the contest "Life of North Korean Children through the Eyes of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" which we received from children from all around the country, the Jury (pictured above) selected 35 works which will be awarded First, Second, Third and Special Prizes during the ceremony on Human Rights Day, December 10, 2012 in Seoul.

In alphabetical order:

Bong Eun Bee, born 1998 from Pyeongtaek

Byeon Woo Hui, born 1995 from Pusan

Choi Ji Min, born 1996 from Hwaseong

Jeong Chan Hye, born 1998 from Daegu

Jeong Ji Seon, born 1997 from Seosan

Jeong Seo Yeong, born 1995 from Pusan

Kang Soo Kyung, born 1995 from Seoul

Kim Dong Hye, born 1998 from Incheon

Kim Eun Woo, born 1996 from Seoul

Kim Ga Hui, born 1996 from Kunpo

Kim Ha Yeon, born 1996 from Kwangju

Kim Hye Rin, born 1996 from Pucheon

Kim Hyeon Seong, born 1996 from Pucheon

Kim Ji Seon, born 1996 from Seoul

Kim Ji Won, born 1995 from Seoul

Kim Ji Yeong, born 1997 from Pucheon

Kim Min Jee, born 1998 from Pyeongtaek

Kim Rye Hyeon, born 1999 from Pyeongtaek

Kim Seon Myeong, born 1998 from Pucheon

Kim Ye Ji, born 1999 from Goyang

Kim Yeong Jun, born 1995 from Seoul

Kwak Shi Woo, born 1998 from Daegu

Kwon Min Jee, born 1995 from Hwaseong

Lee Hyeon Ji, born 1998 from Pyeongtaek

Lee Min Hyeok, born 1997 from Pyeongtaek

Lee Soo In, born 1999 from Kimje

Park Seo Yeong, born 1997 from Hwaseong

Park Ye Chan, born 1998 from Seoul

Park Ye Seong, born 1995 from Seoul

Shin Yeon Jin, born 1999 from Daegu

Song Yeon Joo, born 1999 from Kunpo

Song Yoo Jin, born 1996 from Seoul

Yang Mina, born 1996 from Ansan

Yang Shi Bok, born 1997 from Pucheon

Yoo Jeong Won, born 1997 from Seongnam


 Congratulations to the selected participants!

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