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Drawing Contest - Deadline Extended
hit : 761    (2012-10-10)

Due to several requests from schools which have mid-term exams, we are postponing the application deadline to November 9, 2012.

Your drawing should portray the rights of North Korean children which they cannot enjoy. You may choose one of the rights described in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, such as the right to life, right to education, right to not to be separated from family, freedom from work, freedom from abuse and harm, right to express opinions and beliefs, right to health care, right to play, etc.

You should write in 5 sentences which right you portrayed and why you chose it. You should give a title to your work of art. Please also attach short message you wish to tell to the children in North Korea.

There is a special package of materials attached here, including the UN Convention. Additional video materials are presented in the link and are also available on our website in documents section.

You can also refer to books (in Korean) such as 넌 네가 얼마나 행복한 아이인지 아니 북한 아이들 이야기 (Non nega olmana haengbokhan ai injee anee – pukhan ai eyagi) by Kookmin Publishing House or 비밀일기 (Pimil Ilgi) by Kookmin Publishing House.

The winners will be invited for the special award ceremony organized by Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands on December 10, 2012 (Human Rights Day). The ceremony will be accompanied by the exhibition of selected works and media will be invited.The costs of eventual travel/accommodation of participants should be covered by the participants themselves.

Organizer: Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights

Sponsor: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Eligibility: Students of Junior high and high schools of all ethnic background and nationalities residing in South Korea can apply.

Age limit: below 18 years old, applicants must be born after 1994

Drawings: 1 drawing per person, draw in free hand with any type of paint, pastel, etc. Drawings with text (such as posters) or computer made drawings are not eligible

Size: Paper size 270 x 370 mm (Korean sketch-book size)

Fee: Free of charge

Deadline: November 9, 2012, 6:00 p.m. by registered mail

Mailing address: Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights, 3F Gyemyeong Bldg, 186 Migeun-dong, Sodaemun-gu, Seoul, 120-020

Participation fee: None

Award ceremony: December 10, 2012 in Seoul (winners will be informed by mail and phone in November)

Prizes/Awards : 1st Place iPad (1)

                          2nd Place: Notebooks (2)

                          3rd Place: Digital dictionary (2)

                          Special Prize: USB (30)

*All entrants will receive a participation certificate.

Important note:

(a) Please enter necessary information on the application form and attach it to the back of the drawing. Application can be downloaded below.

(b) Please be sure that the drawing has been drawn personally and has not been published in other newspapers or magazines. Any copied or traced drawing, paintings, etc. will be disqualified

(c) All materials received will not be returned as a general rule.

(d) All materials received will become the property of Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights and may be used in publications or on the Web for publicity and promotional purposes. Not all of the selected works maybe published.

(e) Applications can be by individuals only. Only one drawing per individual.

For inquiries, please contact: or

(02) 723-1672 / (02) 6383-7804
Application English.doc
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.pdf
The Secret Diary of North Korean kids edited.pdf
Child is King of the Country.pdf