Refugee Relief

NKHR Rescue Fund​

As international scrutiny of North Korea’s human rights conditions grows, young foreigners in Seoul increasingly want to get involved. NKHR Rescue Fund gives these young people a way to help by fundraising for North Korean refugees and raising awareness of North Korean human rights issues. The Rescue Fund is comprised mostly of foreign students and young professionals living in Seoul. They fundraise primarily through diverse and lively monthly events. Events have included a piano recital by a pianist from North Korea, a film screening and discussion with the North Korean director, a hunger banquet highlighting food inequality in North Korea, and a running team in a local marathon. NKHR Rescue Fund plays an important role in bringing North Korean human rights to the growing community of foreigners in Seoul. Their events give foreigners an opportunity to interact with North Koreans and hear firsthand about life in North Korea, the dangerous journey to South Korea as a refugee, and the challenges of resettling in South Korea. Visit the team's website: Follow NKHR Rescue Fund on Facebook:


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