North Korean Youth Program

Leadership Program

Today, many of the North Koreans who arrived in South Korea as children have graduated from high school and are entering university. As university students, these students have a world of possibilities ahead of them, and many aspire to be future leaders. Since 2005, NKHR’s Leadership Program has helped these college students hone their leadership skills, responsibility, and self-confidence, while also providing practical career and academic guidance. The students in the Leadership Program will play important roles bridging the gap between North and South Korea during reunification. The Leadership Program consists of a summer training program and monthly meetings to discuss current events and topics of interest. The sessions are led by the students and are designed to strengthen their critical thinking, logical reasoning, and public speaking skills. The students also visit cultural and historical sites. The program also aims to instill a sense of responsibility to give back to the community. Since 2013, NKHR and the Korean American Sharing Movement have taken a group of North Korean university students to Washington D.C and New York. Every summer, the students spend three weeks visiting international organizations and historical sites; meeting policy-makers; and attending lectures by experts in fields such as economics, politics, democracy, and international relations. The trip provides the students with a global perspective and helps prepare them to be future leaders of the Korean peninsula.


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