Concerts & Exhibitions​

Viewing art as an important tool to convey the message of North Korean human rights to the general public, NKHR has made art an element of many aspects of our advocacy and campaigns. Our art exhibitions and concerts serve as platforms for public dialogue and awareness-raising, while also providing another way for NKHR to engage with the public in South Korea, as well as during our country-specific campaigns, advocacy at the United Nations, and international conferences.   NKHR organizes classical music concerts with well-known orchestras, pop music concerts with both South Korean musicians and North Korean musicians who have resettled in South Korea, and multimedia art exhibitions combining the work of South and North Korean resettler artists. Our concerts and exhibitions portray the experiences of the people of North Korea.

The Beautiful Dream Concert​​​

In Seoul, every year since 2007, NKHR has hosted the Beautiful Dream Concert, a benefit concert for North Korean youth resettling in South Korea. Each concert features an orchestra and accompanying musicians such as opera signers or pop stars. Through multimedia content, the concert also serves as a platform to educate the audience about human rights in North Korea and the challenges faced by North Korean youth in South Korea. The donations from the Beautiful Dream Concert fund NKHR’s programs that help North Korean youth overcome educational and cultural barriers and achieve their own beautiful dreams. 


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