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For The Freedom Showcase & Free Beer Concert
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2016-12-12 12:11:40
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"For The Freedom" Music Video Showcase & Free Concert/Free Drink!




This Friday, we invite you to come check out the hip hop stylings of North Korean resettler, rapper and visual artist, Kang Chun-hyok, who will be joined by dream pop band, Nice Legs, and electronic pop artist Danké X Mond!


On Season 3 of the Korean TV show “Show Me the Money,” Kang Chun-hyok exposed the shocking realities of life in North Korea in his rap performance. But he still has a lot to say - Through his new single “For the Freedom” and its music video, Chun-hyok continues to express the heartbreaking nature of his childhood in North Korea. Come hear him speak directly about his experiences as well as perform a few of his songs, and check out performances by Nice Legs and Danké X Mond!!


*One free beer!

*There might be a surprise guest!


About the artists:


*Kang Chun-hyok, rapper, visual artist and North Korean resettler, was born in North Hamgyeong Province, but because of the hopeless situation in North Korea, his family escaped to China from North Korea in 1998. They arrived in South Korea in 2001. Chun-hyok graduated with a degree in painting from Hongdae University, and has been featured on several TV shows including "Show Me the Money." These days Chun-hyok spends his time raising awareness for North Korean human rights through his music and art!


* Nice Legs is a band of three goofballs who met in Korea. Their music is cute and fun and crazy. They have played shows in Japan, Taiwan, China, the US, and all over Korea. Check out their music at


* Check out electronic pop musician Danké X Mond's music here: