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NKHR Rescue Fund Presents "Orphans" Screening and Discussion
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2016-11-22 14:16:48
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Join NKHR Rescue Fund as we explore the issue of families separated by the Korean War. The event will include a 30-minute screening of “Orphans(A Requiem),” 

and a panel discussion with the film's director, Joel Elliott, and author and humanitarian law expert, Dr. Eun-Bum Choe, LL.D. 

“Orphans,” winner of the Best Documentary prize at the Baikal International Film Festival, uses poetic and experimental techniques to demonstrate 

the profound consequences of Korea’s separation, and the impact it has had on both humans and nature. Dr. Eun-Bum Choe, LL.D, will relate the film to 

his knowledge and experience, which includes his own personal history of fleeing North Korea with his brother in 1948.

Please join us for a discussion not only about the past and its effects, but also about what we as the local and international community can do to work together towards a brighter future for North Korean refugees and resettlers. 

The event is free to attend, however, we will accept donations, 100% of which will go to fund refugee rescues through NKHR: Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (북한인권시민연합)

Directions: Take line #6 to Noksapyeong station. Go out of exit 2 and walk straight on past the kimchi pots. Bedrock will be on your left.
[A map will be posted on the event page]

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