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Winners of the 2020 End Enforced Disappearances Poster-Making Contest
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2020-06-03 16:39:57
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NKHR presents your winning entries for the 2020 End Enforced Disappearances Poster-Making Contest


Congratulations to all our winners!



1st place goes to "Caged Birds" by Kang San



“Caged Birds” by Kang San


The bird represents freedom or desire to be free while the cage and the netting symbolize confinement or oppression. As such, the artist explains that the caged birds from the poster are the metaphor for numerous South Korean abductees who disappeared after being taken to North Korea. Also in the painting is a fishing boat in the water which represents the fact that majority of the post-war abductees were fishermen.




2nd place to "Unforgotten" by Lee Kyoung-Min




“Unforgotten” by Lee Kyoung-Min


A mother is holding an old photograph of her daughter presumed to be dead after she was abducted to North Korea during the Korean War. Thus, the mom and daughter reunion from the poster is not happening for real, but in imagination. The difference in complexion implies that the daughter is not alive but a ghost. She crossed the wire fence border for the long-awaited reunion.




3rd place to "A Man Who Disappeared" by Han Da-Hyun


“A Man Who Disappeared” by Han Da-Hyun


Through the image of a young male abductee being forcibly dragged by unknown men into the North, the painter wanted to address the fear and despair widely shared among the Korean War abductees and their families.




Special Prize goes to "Those Who Never Returned" by Han So-Jung


“Those Who Never Returned” by Han So-Jung


Many abductees vanished in North Korea after being abducted. With their fates still unknown to this day, there are thousands of family members back at home waiting for reunion. 

North Korea must release all abductees and detainees as soon as possible.