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The 27th Hangyoreh Winter School
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2016-02-24 11:34:34
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The 27th Hangyoreh Winter School


Since 2001, NKHR has hosted an annual alternative school for North Korean youth during the winter months. Aimed at helping resettler students in South Korea to improve academically, learn to think creatively and analytically, and engage in service and community activities, the beginning of 2016 marked the 27th session of the Hangyoreh Seasonal School for North Korean Youth. From Jan 4 to Jan 20, 15 North Korean students who have resettled in South Korea lived side-by-side with 7 South Korean volunteer teachers while learning subjects such as math and Korean. During the two-week session, students and teachers alike were able to build close relationships with each other, creating a sense of community and understanding through cultural and educational exchange. 


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