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2015-08-13 14:11:51
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Young North Korean defectors risk their lives to cross numerous borders and reach South Korea. However, even after they reach the world they have dreamed of, they face many challenges. Due to differences in culture, limited education, and discrimination, North Korean youth often feel isolated and alienated in South Korea. But with our support and care, these North Korean youth can successfully adapt to life in South Korea and develop into future leaders of reunification and reconciliation between North and South Korea.


The 2015 Beautiful Dream Concert is a classical music concert that raises awareness of the challenges faced by North Korean youth, as well as funds to support programs that assist North Korean youth resettling in South Korea.

Please join us in sending North Korean youth a message of hope.



-Tickets can be purchased from Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights(by phone) or Sejong Center for the Performing Arts(by Phone and online).


- Ticket: 20,000 Won for all seats

- Inquiries: Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights(NKHR) Tel. 02-723-1672 

                   Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Tel. 02-399-1114~6, 

* Sejong Center for the Performing Arts​ online ticket sales will be open at 10:00 AM on Monday, August 17th 2015.














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