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University Visit for North Korean Youth
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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University Visit for North Korean Youth through NKHR’s Career Mentorship Program
By Joori Choi, Education Team Program Officer

On March 21, 2015, twelve North Korean high school students and four North Korean university students who have resettled in South Korea participated in a university visit as part of NKHR’s yearly Career Mentorship Program for North Korean youth. The first half of the year-long program focuses on preparing the students for the upcoming university admission process. Participants visit universities and participate in mock interviews, writing workshops, and discussions with North Korean university students. The second half of the program provides career mentorship for North Korean students by building experience and introducing them to different types of careers.

At last month’s university visit, the students each visited two of four participating universities: Kookmin University, the University of Seoul, Korea University, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. North Korean students who are currently studying at these universities greeted the participants, answered their questions, and guided them around the universities. The participants asked various questions such as which majors they should select, what kinds of jobs would be available after graduation, how best to prepare for job interviews, and what makes a good cover letter and resume.

Following the university visits, the students discussed what they had learned and shared photos with their peers. The general consensus was that they need to do more research before selecting their majors. One student in particular was amazed by the many majors the universities offer. Indeed, her comment reflected a lasting sentiment among the entire group: amazement at the infinite possibilities in front of them. It stands in stark contrast to the lives they would be living had they been unable to leave North Korea and begin new lives in South Korea. 


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