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NKHR Rescue Fund: Year in Review
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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NKHR Rescue Fund: Year in Review

By Jihyun Park, NKHR intern and Rescue Fund volunteer

In the year 2014, the volunteer group NKHR Rescue Fund raised over $15,000 and rescued 6 North Korean refugees.


The Rescue Fund Team hosted eight events last year, including four movie screenings, a trivia night, and a hunger banquet. The hunger banquet—during which guests were randomly assigned to North Korean identities belonging to one of the three North Korean songbun (social classes)—provided the participants with an opportunity to experience first-hand the food shortages and inequalities of North Korea. With a tangible representation of how basic human rights, such as the right to access to food, can be violated through the songbun, the participants were able to empathize more deeply with the plights of the North Korean people.

In 2014, the Rescue Fund was also fortunate to hear from many North Korean defectors during the events. Some belonged to the affluent class of North Korean society; others were considered as “human scum” by their own government; and one even came from a family that belonged to Chongyron, a pro-North Korea organization of ethnic Koreans in Japan. The individual stories painted a distinctive yet unified picture of how the regime affects the human rights of all in North Korea.

North Korean escapee Sungju Lee speaking at a Rescue Fund event

As the team’s presence and influence among the international community in Seoul grew, so did its online reach. The NKHR Rescue Fund Facebook page grew by more than twice its size since January 2014.


But most importantly the Rescue Fund was able to rescue six North Korean refugees.

Their stories can be found on the Rescue Fund blog:

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