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8th Annual Beautiful Dream Concert
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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8th Annual Beautiful Dream Concert

On August 26, 2014, NKHR held its eighth annual Beautiful Dream Concert, a charity concert to benefit North Korean youth who have escaped to South Korea. This year’s benefit concert was conducted by the acclaimed Hee Tae Seo and featured the renowned Nolraon Orchestra as well as K-pop singer Jung Joon Young. From the generous support of our corporate sponsors and individual donors, NKHR raised nearly USD 114,359, all of which will fund NKHR programs that help North Korean youth overcome educational and cultural barriers so that they can achieve their own beautiful dreams. Donations from the 2014 Beautiful Dream Concert will be used for programs that aid the long- term adjustment of young North Koreans who live in South Korea. These programs include weekly Hanawon visits, leadership training for North Korean college students, the Hangyoreh Seasonal School, scholarships, and the L4 soccer team.

At this year’s Beautiful Dream Concert, the nearly 700 attendees thoroughly engaged with the orchestra throughout the evening. Before the music began, a video of three college students who have resettled in South Korea delivered a message of the hardships of defection and repatriation.  K-pop singer Jung Joon Young then began the musical portion of the evening by singing three of popular songs, lifting the mood of the audience. Afterward, the Nolraon Orchestra performed a varied collection of classical, opera, and folk music. Soprano Jin Young Koh accompanied the Nolraon Orchestra in some numbers, with songs reminding the audience that we are one nation without borders. Stunning visuals also complemented the musical performances. Conductor Hee Tae Seo and the Nolaron’s signature “sweet new style” truly created a night in beautiful harmony.

On the night of the concert, NKHR raised over $2,900 in donations from attendees, while corporate sponsors had earlier contributed nearly $111,401. NKHR extends its deepest gratitude to conductor Hee Tae Seo, the Nolraon Orchestra, and the other performers, as well as all attendees, individual donors, corporate sponsors, and volunteers for their continued generosity and support. Without the help of many people, the dreams of young North Korean escapees could not resonate so greatly around the world.     

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