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2014 NKHR Rescue Fund Team
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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After raising over 13 million won (13,000 USD) in 2013, NKHR’s Rescue Fund is back with a new goal and a new team.  NKHR recruited five new volunteers from the U.S., Spain, Germany, Singapore, and Korea to fundraise for refugees hiding in China, and to raise awareness about the human rights issues they face.  The new team members are students here in Seoul, pursuing graduate degrees at one of the local universities or participating in exchange programs.

The new Rescue Fund team decided on a goal of raising 15 million won this year (15,000 USD) to rescue six refugees.  To secure the safe passage of North Korean refugees from China to South Korea, NKHR works with trustworthy brokers who are familiar with the underground routes through China.  It costs roughly 2,500 USD for one refugee to safely reach South Korea.  That is the price of their freedom.

The Rescue Fund will be holding fundraising events throughout Seoul starting the end of February. In addition to raising money, the events will provide insight into the human rights situation faced by North Koreans, and the perseverance and strength of those who escape. Through its events, the Rescue Fund hopes to strengthen the community of people in South Korea interested in North Korean human rights and inspire them to take action. The first event will be a small gathering at a music cafe, where a survivor will share her story and meet attendees in an intimate setting. The Rescue Fund is also delving into online funding, starting with a campaign on  Follow them on Facebook for more information and to stay up to date.

The Rescue Fund is run entirely by volunteers, and NKHR is tremendously grateful for their time, energy, and passion.  We hope to see you at their next event.


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