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Movie Screening by NKHR's Rescue Fund Team
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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Movie Screening by NKHR's Rescue Fund Team

NKHR wrapped up this year’s Rescue Fund campaign with a movie screening event on November 10, 2013, at Haechi Hall.  Our Rescue Fund team screened two films about North Korea: “North Korea Through the Eyes of Witnesses”—a short NKHR-produced documentary about the human rights crisis in North Korea—and “Traveler from the North (여행자)”—a short drama about the struggles faced by a North Korean woman who recently resettled in South Korea.  “Traveler from the North” was one of the films screened at the 2012 North Korean Human Rights International Film Festival. 

After the film screenings, North Korean survivor Ms. Kim Choon Ae spoke about her experiences and answered thoughtful questions from the audience.  Ms. Kim told the audience about her decision to leave a life of relative privilege in Pyongyang to protect her children, and her long journey to Seoul, during which she and her daughters were victims of human trafficking in China, repatriated, and imprisoned and tortured in North Korea for defecting.

From the generous donations of the nearly 200 people who attended the event, the Rescue Fund team raised over $1,000. The Rescue Fund campaign is run by our passionate volunteers, and its goal was to raise $12,000 this year, enough to help six refugees hiding in China safely reach South Korea. To raise the money, the Rescue Fund team hosted eight fundraising events, ranging from a benefit concert, to testimonies by defectors, to movie screenings. With the donations made at the November 10th event, the Rescue Team exceeded its goal and raised over $12,500 this year.

NKHR expresses our sincerest thank you to all of the volunteers and donors.  A full list of the individual donors may be found here.

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