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2013 Beautiful Dream Concert
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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2013 Beautiful Dream Concert

On October 16, 2013, NKHR held its seventh annual Beautiful Dream Concert—a free classical music event to benefit North Korean youth who have escaped to South Korea. This year’s benefit concert featured the renowned KBS Symphony Orchestra and was conducted by the acclaimed Jong-Hoon Bae. From the generous support of our corporate sponsors and individual donors, NKHR raised nearly $75,000, all of which will fund NKHR programs that help North Korean youth overcome the educational and cultural barriers to fulfilling their own beautiful dreams.

Through the Beautiful Dream Concert, NKHR aims to raise awareness about the hardships faced by North Korean youth living in South Korea, and to fund programs that help them overcome those hardships.  In South Korea’s highly competitive education system, North Korean youth find themselves at a severe disadvantage when they arrive in South Korea. Because many young refugees miss years of education—both in North Korea and throughout their perilous escape—they reach South Korea already behind their South Korean peers. They also face extreme cultural differences and instability when adjusting to their new lives. NKHR’s programs help North Korean youth improve the confidence and leadership skills they need to succeed. 

Below are some of the programs funded by the Beautiful Dream Concert: 

-  Language programs and extracurricular activities at Hanawon, the South Korean resettlement

-  Leadership training and scholarships for North Korean defectors attending college South Korea

-  The Hangyoreh Seasonal School, a winter school focused on overcoming academic difficulties 
    through building self-confidence

- The L4 soccer team, a team of North and South Korean players intended to foster friendship and
   cultural exchange

This year’s concert was organized by NKHR, KBS Symphony Orchestra, Ewha Institute of Unification Studies, Korea University Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), and Beautiful Mind Charity.  In front of nearly 2,000 attendees, the KBS Symphony Orchestra performed a varied collection of classical, opera, and Korean folk music, with some numbers accompanied by vocals. On the night of the concert, NKHR raised over $9,000 in donations from attendees, and corporate sponsors had earlier contributed nearly $65,000. We extend our deepest gratitude to all of the attendees, volunteers, individual donors, and corporate sponsors for their continued generosity and support.