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The Pianist from Pyongyang: Benefit Concert
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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Kim Cheol Woong is a renowned North Korean pianist who was forced to flee his country for playing the wrong music.

Kim Cheol Woong and his family were loyal to Kim Jong Il. From a very young age, Kim Cheol Woong started training as a concert pianist and as years passed, he rose to top ranks. However, in October 2001, Kim Cheol Woong was reported to the National Security Agency and punished for playing Richard Clayderman's  "'A'Comme Amour," or "'L' for Love" for his girlfriend. In North Korea, a musician who plays  "capitalist" music can end up in a prison camp, and thus Kim Cheol Woong decided to escape North Korea to fight for musical freedom. When he fled North Korea, he lost everything. He ended up working as a servant boy for a poor Chinese family.  After many miserable years, Kim Cheol Woong found a church with a piano. The church took him in and helped him enter South Korea safely.


Please fill out the form and purchase your tickets by bank transfer.
Ticket Price: 25,000 WON

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Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights / 북한인권시민연합
Kookmin Bank (국민은행) 293801-01-005201

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the concert!

All the funds from the tickets and raffle will be for donations.

NKHR continues to help North Koreans after their arrival in the South through education and resettlement programs.  For more information about the programs run by NKHR, please visit  For information about the NKHR Refugee Rescue Fundraiser Campaign, please visit
Thank you once again for making the decision to save lives. Your contribution is valued by our organization and the people you are directly helping. 

Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR)

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