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[October 2003] Planning Meeting Held in Warsaw, Poland
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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From 21st until 27th Oct 2003, representatives of the Citizens’ Alliance(NKHR) and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR) met in Warsaw to plan for the next International Conference on North Korean Human Rights, which will be held in spring 2004. Prof. Manho Heo, Secretary General Young-Ja Kim, two officers from the international campaign team of NKHR and Professor Rzeplinski of the Helsinki Foundation’s Board and staffs in HFHR participated in the meeting for the conference and also discussed future cooperation between the two organizations.


As a result of the meeting, it was confirmed that the next conference will most likely be held for three days from 29 Feb to 2 March 2004 in Warsaw. The opening session will most likely be held in the Polish parliamentary building and the following two days at the Grand Hotel, Warsaw.


Throughout the meeting, the two organizations appreciated the seriousness of the North Korean human rights issues in the same manner and shared opinions for promoting the appalling human rights conditions in North Korea. Moreover, The NKHR and HFHR agreed to cooperate in future activities, particularly in the field of human rights education.

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