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[March 2004] NKHR's Oral Intervention at the 60th UNHCR
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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April 7 2004 - On Wednesday , April 7, Ji Sun Jeong, one of NKHR members participating in lobbying for the resolution in Geneva, made an oral intervention  towards the delegations of Member States on Agenda Item 13: Rights of Children. The intervention asserted protection for children from mental torture and shock in detention camps suffering from malnutrition and ill treatment including also, concerns of North Korean children's exposure to traumatic shocks from witnessing public executions, bout their educational rights and of serious descrepancies in health services for the children.  Lastly was an appeal  to appoint a Special Rapporteur on North Korean Human Rights.
April 13 2004 - On Tuesday, April 13, two oral intervention was made under Agenda Item 14: Mass Relocations

Intervention made by Secretary General of NKHR, Young Ja Kim focused on Mass Relocations drawing attention to the deplorable situation for the North Korean refugees in foreign countries, specially in the People’s Republic of China.
Professor Jae Chun Won of Handong Global University Law School also made an oral intervention under the same Agenda Item with a focus on Minorities, Mass Exodus, and Displaced Persons. The statement centered on China's treatment and neglet of the North Korean refugees against international law and also criticized its efforts to eradicate any infrastructure of humanitarian relief, making recommendations to provide solutions to the problem; reminding the principle of non-refoulement as binding, urging State parties in the region to offer temporary protected status, requesting an establishment of a Special Rapporteur for more effective follow up of the passage of the resolution.