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[March 2004] Day Three
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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March 1 2004 - The last day of the conference started earlier than scheduled to show two films that were recently aired related to North Korean human rights issue.  One was the BBC film "Access to Evil" and the other by Japanese Fuji TV, which was said to have filmed North Korean political prison camps in Yodok.  The latter was aired in Japan while Citizens' Alliance team were in Poland but the video tape was available through one of our participants.
After the film show,  the last session of the three day conference started, with Mr. Jack Rendler as the moderator, under the title "Where to Go From Here - Planning Future Actions."
Two speakers were on the panel - Mr. David Hawk, researcher for the US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea and also the author of the "Hidden Gulag" Report on the Strategies for the 60th UN Commission on Human Rights, and Professor Jae Chun Won of Handong Global University Law School on the Strategies for North Korean Refugees in China.
After the long three days, the participants, about a hundred of them were still energetic and enthusiastic enough to join together, in the freezing weather, at the Chinese Embassy and the North Korean Embassy, to call out in one voice to shine the light of human rights in North Korea, to abolish the political prison camps and to abide by the international laws which they are also party to. The participants also sang out loud Korean  folk songs "Arirang" and "My longings for Home"
Under the cloudy sky and somewhat calm, cool air, the voices of the participants rung high in the sky, all in one hope that these voices and hearts be echoed  throughout.