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[March 2004] Cultural Evening
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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March 1 2004 - For Poland, it's November 11, For United States, it's July 4, For Korea, it 's March 1.

It was this day back in 1919, when one voice cried out Independence for Korea. On March 1, 2004  in Warsaw, Poland at the Internatioanal Conference for North Korean Human Rights and Refugees, Polish and Korean students treated the participants from all around, Korean drum beats that touch your hearts and arouse you to stand up in encouragement.
The Korean volunteers had practiced in Seoul for this cultural event and since their arrival in Warsaw, got together with the Polish students from the Korean Studies Department in Warsaw University to practice together
It was certainly an upbeat, exciting session to hear the janggoo beats and was a very memorable event.