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[February 2004] Opening Session
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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February 29 2004 - The Opening Session of the Warsaw Conference was held in Sejm, the Polish parliament, late afternoon from 4:30pm on Sunday 29 February. More than two hundred people were all eager to come from all over the world and specially from Poland as well. They were all welcomed to the Opening.
The Welcoming Addresses were given by Benjamin Yoon (Representative of Citizens' Alliance) , Ms. Danuta Przywara (Vice President of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights), and Mr. Carl Gershman (President of NED).
In the Keynote address, Mr. Leon Kieres, president of the Institute of National Remembrance pointed out that speaking out of the political camps and the pursuit to abolish them be a moral responsibility of us all, especially the Europeans, and in particular the Eastern Europeans. Accordingly, we must all remember that the difference between North Korean camps, the Gulags and the Nazi camps is the fact that North Korean camps still exist and that we must remember those who now suffer in them.
The Congratulatory remark from the Speaker of the National Assembly of Korea, Mr. Kwan-Yong Park was delivered to the audience.
The participating organizations reported also on their progress of work related to North Korean human rights issue. These organizations include, the Helsinki Foundation (Poland), PINF (Czech Republic), DFF (USA), Jubilee Campaign (USA), CSW (UK), the Society to Help Returnees to North Korea (Japan), The French Committee to Help North Korean Population (France) and Human Rights without Borders (Belgium).
Before the reception organized by the Helsinki Foundation, a film "Seoul Train" produced by the Incite Productions USA,  on the refugees in China and the activists who assist them was shown.