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[January 2004] Press Conference on Korean edition of the "Hidden Gulag"
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2015-04-08 21:01:00
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January 19, 2004 - Press conference on the release of the Korean version of the "Hidden Gulag" report by David Hawk (researcher, US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea) was successfully held on January 19, in Seoul.
The press conference was co-organized by the Citizens' Alliance, NK Network and NK Gulag with the author present.
The book was translated into Korean and published by Sidaejungsin with the help of a number of attorneys who funded this publication anonymously.
Professor Jae Won of Handong Law School moderated the whole session, with the opening remark given by Rev. Yoon of NKHR. Mr. Hawk explained the purpose and the contents of the book and Kang Cheol-hwan a former detainee in the prison camps was also present along with Mr. Han the representative of Sidaejungsin and NK Network.
Major dailies in Korea and also foreign correspondents showed their interest and were present in this press conference. During the Q&A session, questions were forwarded to Mr. Hawk on how and why he had started this research on North Korean human rights and also on how human rights issues can be compatible with other political issues regarding North Korea i.e. nuclear and inter-Korea relations.
Mr. Hawk is in Seoul to meet various South Korean NGOs and officials to discuss further on his follow-up works.
NKHR hopes that the release of the Korean version of the report and its press conference will have an impact to arouse more interests on the North Korean human rights issues among the South Korean citizens.