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  • Speak Up for the Voiceless Respect for human rights is our common interest.Human beings have inherent rights to desire and to achieve freedom, equality and dignity. Whether we want it or not, we are all members of the human family and interdependent on one another. Differences in wealth, education level, nationality, religion and ideology do not separate us from coexisting as members of the same human community. We human beings pursue happiness and not pain.In order to achieve genuine happiness, every society needs to guarantee the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and expression. Human rights can flourish only where the soil is built on confidence, trust and freedom from fear. Yet, around the world, we still see many people who are deprived of their own basic rights and freedoms. They cannot but remain voiceless. I have been concerned about the struggles of Tibetans and other human rights abuses from tyrannies, including China. With my freedom to speak out, I have tried to be a voice for those voiceless

The responsibility belongs to people who enjoy these freedoms. I have found out about the international conference of May 11, 1996, where people will gather and express international concern on human rights abuses in North Korea and in other parts of the world. I send my best wishes for the great success of the conference organized by the Society to Help Returnees to North Korea and the Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights. I also sincerely wish that people who are deprived of their fundamental rights regain their freedom and dignity in their nations. May 9,1996 From Dharamsala, India His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama