About NKHR

Citizen’s Movement

Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights welcomes all people without discrimination as to their ethnicity, race, religion, age, and political opinion to join our movement to improve human rights in North Korea. Anybody with respect for life, liberty, and human rights can get involved. We share a love for our global citizens, and we put our love into action by helping those in need.
"We are a citizens' movement."

International Movement

Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights emphasizes solidarity and cooperation with the international community and network of human rights organizations. To improve human rights in North Korea, NKHR believes that civil society, governments, and global organizations must work together. NKHR supports the UN Human Rights mechanisms to engage the North Korean authorities in addressing human rights. With lessons learned from history, and by improving human rights on the Korean peninsula, NKHR hopes to contribute to long-term peace and stability in Northeast Asia, as well as other parts of the world.
"We are an international movement."

Peaceful Movement

Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights acknowledges that at the core of the serious and systemic human rights violations in North Korea is the nature of the North Korean state system and its mismanagement by the regime. NKHR believes that the best solution to these atrocities is ultimately peaceful. Outside forces and influence alone cannot peacefully bring change to the regime and would bring unimaginable harms. However, NKHR also believes that we cannot remain silent about the human rights violations in North Korea. The human rights situation will not improve on its own. The history of humankind has shown that human rights are essential to democracy and international peace.
"We are a peaceful movement."

Reunification Movement

Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights envisions a reunified Korea, where human rights and liberty are respected and secured for all, and the Korean people come together in reconciliation. Creating a strong foundation for peaceful reunification restores the North Korean people with their basic fundamental freedoms and rights. NKHR endeavors to build the capacity of North Korean resettlers in South Korea, as they will play a crucial role in bridging the gap between North and South Korea. NKHR's programs will provide young North Korean resettlers with education about human rights and civic democracy.
"We are a reunification movement."