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A Question for North Korean Police and Security Agents
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2016-01-21 12:11:32
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A Question for North Korean Police and Security Agents




This article was written by a North Korean defector who had been hiding in China. It reached to Citizen's Alliance via a Korean businessman. 


Fascist Rule in North Korea

As a human being I have a question for North Korean Police Officers and Security Agents. That is: are you properly implementing the law? How many years have been elapsed since the government had stopped rationing rice and other cereals? Incumbent rulers are supplying limited amount of food to those who are part of dictatorial apparatus, education, and public health. In order to stick with their "socialism" the leaders are relying on military-fascist rule as the last resort. 

You may think my characterization is too harsh. However, take a trip to several places in North Korea. Look at the reprehensible behaviors of soldiers, who have been afforded with the best treatment! Look at those policemen and security agents so desperately running around to apprehend "criminals!" Isn't it fascist military terror? What else can you say? Isn't North Korea "a kingdom" of human rights violation where people can not speak their minds amid all sorts of insults and dehumanizing process? As the front line agents of the fascist rule you become the pillar of this inhuman system by manipulating people with vicious practices. Don't you know that the system you are so eagerly supporting has no foundation at all? 

Who Are the Real Culprits?

The people have been deprived of their ration for several years. 

The government disallows visitation of relatives from foreign country for the fear of "impure" influence on socialism. The rulers simply let people perish… Is this the true color of socialism? 

You all need to take a deep breath in the face of the sorry situation. Hasn't North Korean society become a capitalistic one? If so, a drastic change in policy is definitely in order. North Korea does need to find an alternative to address the desperate issues of the society. However, the leaders are still blindly clinging to the socialist principles even in the midst of massive hunger and death. The whole world is utterly dismayed to learn the reality. I am sure that you are deeply touched by the people's predicament as you carry out the state law. I am sure that your conscience is pricked as you witness the plight of people. Then the real culprits who masterminded this unspeakable misery must be brought to justice. They must pay the price. 

Desperate to Survive

Imagine your food supply is abruptly stopped. What will happen? First, you are at a loss, confused and panicked. Then you are desperate to survive. Think of those who have no power, no money, and no place to lean on. That's why people fled to China simply to survive. That's why people stole from government. That's why people married their daughter off to Chinese. That's why some folks resorted to swindling and fraudulence. Considering the depressing reality of people, can you say these are all wrong? Are they really criminals? 

Everyone has to find a way to survive under extreme pressure. Imagine the predicament of a person who readily abandons his family and sneaks out to a foreign country. Imagine the heart- rending dilemma of one who shuttles the national border knowing full well that once caught he would be subject to all sorts of punishments and public humiliations. 

Hard Life of Ordinary Citizens

Don't you know that so many housewives shed "sweat and blood" just to feed their families? Some of them even stole coal to bake bread so that they could sell the next day. They refused to give even a piece of it to their own children who were so desperate to take a bite. When those went out to sell the bread, a police officer confiscated all they had saying that it was not the designated area. So, their families had to feed themselves with salty "soup". Have you ever thought about that?

People are really hurting. Their tears are tinged with blood. 

When you, police officers, seized loaves of bread wrapped in cloth from those poor women, didn't you feel your hands trembling? Could you act same way if they were your own mother or aunt? Could you behave that way if you had right kind of mind? 
Young couples, who are supposed to enjoy their marriage, are constantly quarreling. They are even separating. What are the reasons? Young maidens in the prime of their lives are offering their own bodies merely for the meal. They frequent market place looking for "customers". Can you find more miserable women anywhere in the world than in North Korea? They work very hard under adverse conditions all day long. When they come home they have to prepare meal right away for their husbands and children. However, what they put on the table are "corn meal" and salty soup. 

Does this mean that North Korean men are happy? They wait anxiously for their wives who went out for peddling. They take care of children while waiting, although childcare is not their forte. So, they end up with drinking. Kimchi or salt is the only food available to smooth the sting of hard liquor. How many men have to sell their cotton clothes just for their meals? How many families have to get rid of their houses just for food? 

A Gloomy Future

Are these sad spectacles merely, transitory phenomena? Any solution in sight? We can't bounce back. There is no way to rehabilitate ourselves. Planned economy by the State is not working. It can't be resuscitated even after several hundreds years of trial and error. More than half century of autocracy perpetuated by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is behind us. Can we expect anything better out of the oligarchy who are isolated and brainwashed by Juche (self-reliance) ideology? We have deep-seated grudge against the incumbent leadership. But that is not the real reason. Why should we badmouth Kim Jong Il had he practiced benevolent policies and helped us lead good life? Had he carried out generous policies I am sure people would have applauded him. Look at what is taking place now. How nauseating it is!  


Answer us. Is it bad for people to leave the country seeking for food? You can't control people with repressive rules. They must be embraced with good policy and generous intention. Isn't it nice to know that Koreans are enjoying their lives even in foreign countries, free from poverty and want of food? Why are you blocking their future and violating their human rights with such hatred. Isn't it nice if North Korean girls with sallow complexion (you know the reason for sure!) went to China and married Chinese men? What makes you so irritating? I wonder why you have such a shallow mind. Why are you so insensitive to the trend of time? Why are you stirring up things by arresting those who went abroad just for food? We can't blame them if they forgot about the plight of other North Koreans. Isn't it nice if they help their relatives and friends in North Korea financially? I honestly hope that police officers and security agents in North Korea awakened from bad dream.