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Life & Human Rights 2000. Summer . vol. 16
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2016-02-26 13:06:57
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Life & Human Rights 2000. Summer . vol. 16





North Korean Refugees in China: the hidden stories of an invisible people 

KIM Youngja | 4



The History of Prison Camps in North Korea: in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Korean War,

Ogawa Haruhisa | 10


Witness Accounts:

Fromj Shinuiju to Seoul

BEAK MYong-hak| 19


International Campaign:

Write for the repatriated North Korean regugees!| 25



To End the Tragedy that North Koreans are Suffering

Statement published in l'Humanite | 27

Beijing Steps Up Effort to Expel Illegal North Korean Immigrants

New York Times, Elizabeth Rosenthal | 28

N. Korean Gets China's Cooperation on Regugee Returns 

Christian Science Monitor, Kevin Platt | 32

Testimony of the First North Korean Escapee from Camp No. 14:

The inside stories of Camp No. 14, a death camp in North Korea

Monthly Chosun |35



Activity Report | 45 

Citizens' Alliance to Help Political Prisoners in North Korea / The Society to Help Returnees to North Korea /  Defense Forum /  National Endowment for Democracy / Ton-a-Month Club 

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