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[2005] Reinvestigation of the 'Repatriation of Seven North Korean Defectors in 2000'
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Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights,『Reinvestigation of the 'Repatriation of Seven North Korean Defectors in 2000』(Seoul: NKHR, 2005).
This is a report by the Research Team of NKHR, which was provided to Vitit Muntarbhoron, the UN Special Rapporteur on North Korean Human Rights in November, 10, 2005. The report recounts the case of the repatriation of seven North Korean defectors who were deported from Russia to China and again repatriated from China to North Korea in the beginning of 2000, based on which NKHR reinvestigated the case from 1999 of the year that the incident occured, to the end of 2005.
Furthermore, Eun-Cheol Kim, one of the seven North Korean defector, re-defected as soon as he was released after serving 3 years in No.15 Yodeok Political Penal-labor Colony, and succeeded to enter to South Korea passing through a third country in March, 2006.
◆ Written by Young-Hwan Lee, Senior Program Officer of Research Team 
◆ Translated by Ji-Won Ahn, Former Senior Program Officer of Research Team