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[2005] Class and Gender Discrimination in North Korea ('05.07.10)
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Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights,『Class and Gender Discrimination in North Korea』(Seoul: NKHR, July 2005).
This is the original copy of NKHR's NGO Alternative Report on North Korean Women's Rights,Class and Gender Discrimination in North Koreawhich was submitted to the 33rd session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in July 2005. From 10th to 18th of July in 2005, NKHR delegation to the session (Manho Heo- Research Director, Youngja Kim- Secretary General, Yoanna Hosaniak- Coordinator of Planning and Management, Miseon Woo- Senior Program officer in Research Team) lobbied committee members of CEDAW, each country representative and NGOs distributing the report. 
◆ Authors:
- Analysis of the DPRK Initial Report / Misun Woo (Senior Program Officer, Research Team)
- Women in Class Discrimination Policy / Jiwon Ahn (Program Officer, Education Team)
- Violence Aganist Women / Ohnew Park (Senior Program Officer, Campaign Team)
- Sexual Exploitation: The Reality of Gippeumjo / Young-Hwan Lee (Senior Program Officer, Education Team)
- Trafficking in Women / Joanna Hosaniak (Coordinator, Planning and Management)
◆ Editorial Supervision: Man-ho Heo (Research Director, Political Science Professor in Kyoungbok University)
◆ Interviewer: Young-ja Kim (Secretary General)