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Prisoners of Their Own Country :North Korea in the eyes of the Witnesses
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2015-04-08 21:01:07
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Joanna Hosaniak,『PRISONERS OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY: North Korea in the Eyes of the Witnesses』(Seoul: Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights, April 2004).
In April 1st ~ 18th 2004, NKHR delegation participated in the 60th session of UN Commission on Human Rights. With the participation, the report was published in order to submit it to the UN Commission on Human Rights, lobby each country representative and conduct effective NGO campaining.  .
◆ Author : Joanna Hosaniak (Planning & Management Coodinator, NKHR)
◆ Academic Advisor : Man-ho Heo (Board Member & Director of Rsearch NKHR, Professor, Kyungpook National University, Korea)

The author also thanks the following people who provided their valuable assistance in various stages of this project:

Mr. Benjamin H. YOON, Representative, NKHR - for reviewing the work

Ms. Young-ja KIM, Secretary General, NKHR - for assistance throughout the project

Mr. Yeong-hwan YI, Officer, NKHR - for reviewing Korean translation

Ms. Ohnew PAK, Officer, NKHR - for translation into Korean

Mr. Hee-seok SHIN, Intern, NKHR - for translation


Special thanks go to Ms. Dorothy STUEHMKE, Intern, NKHR - for proofreading and drafting the country’s background part