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[1998]Voice From The North Korean Gulag (October 1998).
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Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights,『NKHUMANRIGHTS BOOK ① : Voice From The North Korean Gulag』(Seoul: NKHR, October 1998).

This is a book on the North Korean human rights situation, which has been distributed to worldwide participants when Citizens’ Alliance on North Korean Human Rights (Chairman Benjamin H. Yoon, Secretary-General Young-Ja Kim) participated in the 1998, 14~16th of October, the third International Human Rights Conference in Warsaw, Poland, as the representative of South Korea. It has been published in English, combining six articles by foreigners on the political prison camps in North Korea.

Chairman Benjamin H. Yoon, who gave a speech at the second general assembly, introduced the fact that Citizens’
Alliance has been led by human rights activists of the period of military regime in South Korea, and expressed his faith in the present administration in resolving the human rights problems in South Korea in the near future. Moreover, he emphasized that the POW atrocities and the guilt-by-association system within the political prison camps and gulags of North Korea are rather crimes against humanity than them being human rights problems, and that the world needs to strive to eradicate the crimes of North Korea, which are no less grave than the crimes of the Nazis.


※ Since the collection book had been published without any filing job at the time, the original file is currently unavailable and restoration is underway.